Installation Checklist

AADS and Anti Virus Software

90% of all AADS support requests are caused by antivirus blocking AADS communications and process, therefore it is necessary to ensure that All AADS files and process are set as exemptions in your AV software. 

If you are using Windows Defender, AADS will now automatically configure these exceptions for you.


AADS will not work reliably with the following Antivirus products and will not be supported by us if used.



Before attempting to install AADS XPU It is most important to understand how the licensing works. Please also understand that AADS is a networking product and requires a suitably skilled technician to configure correctly. WE DO NOT PROVIDE FREE LESSONS ON INSTALLATION or Networking.

So please use the materials provided.

AADS XPU is a very inexpensive but very powerful solution. There are no ongoing license fees and so it represents extremely good value. The license however is tied to the machine on which it first installed.

It does this by creating a server ID from the RAM Motherboard and Windows .

You may move the license to another machine or upgrade it components, but to do so will first require an administrative step. If you have purchased the license from us please telephone us on 1300857772 and we can perform that step for you and or provide required advice. If you have not purchased from us we cannot assist you for technical reasons. Please contact International0email support.

If you intend to upgrade hardware components or reinstall Windows you will need to reset your license as part of the process, unless the license is full time online. All licenses are supplied default off line type.

If you ignore this information and trip your license do not attempt additional further installations or you may further complicate the matter. Please call 1300857772 and we will assist you.

Please refer to the manuals at the following link -: