License administration & licensing advise – free by request, business hours AEST only.

Our free technical support procedure is as follows -:

Step One :-

Please double check that all configurations conform precisely to the installation checklist (supplied with your purchase)

(If we provide technical assistance and find that the issue is caused by misconfiguration covered by the check list you will be charged $55 Incl Gst for wasting time)

Step Two :–

Look at the on line list of symptoms & fixes to see if your issue is there.

Step Three :–

Telephone 1300857772. if, after confirming that you have double checked the configuration against the checklist, the administration officer who handles your inquiry can answer the issue on the spot he will do so.

If not he will escalate the matter. You may be asked to provide a support Zip from inside the software.

Step Four :–

The matter will be answered by a senior engineer on a first come first served basis as soon as he can.

Please understand the following – AADS is a networking product which requires a suitably skilled professional to install and maintain.

The software also relies on a stable and clean windows operating environment to run reliably.

- We don't provide free networking lessons (engage a professional or we can do the job for you on a paid basis).

- We don't provide free troubleshooting to your network as part of the free AADS support (firewall, router, network & configuration are your job).

- If our support recommendations are not implemented all further discussion, support time will be billed @ $140/hr (ex tax). At this point you will be asked for your credit card details.

We are happy to provide troubleshooting & maintenance services on a paid basis.

Technical support